Our story begins at sea. And, as in every story, it is the listener's eyes and imagination that write another piece of it. Star Point was founded in 1979. It was Guido Pellegrini, a perennial hunter of colours and sensations, who designed the first collection. Black, yellow, red and blue are the four protagonists of the first iconic garments inspired by sailing: sailor cabans, all-striped sweaters, star sweatshirts, water-repellent jackets and oilskins.

Star Point crested the wave under the hand of the eclectic Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, thanks to whom the brand conquered the world of fashion. Though success was piloted by a far-sighted lifestyle vision, it was the world of sailing, sharing the same values as the brand, to endorse it: in 1983, Star Point became the official sponsor of Azzurra, the first Italian sailboat to participate in the prestigious America’s Cup. Passion for the sea, challenges and discovery that united the Italian team and the Made in Italy brand, marked the start of a heartfelt and winning relationship both in Italy and overseas.


Today Star Point is reborn under a new star thanks to the intuition of a group of entrepreneurs and designers, together capable of highlighting the brand’s history and write its future.



Star Point wishes to inspire and dress people who have a deep bond with the sea. So deep that sailing is an attitude for them, wherever they are, in any given moment of their day or lives.



Horizon is the iconic jacket of the new Star Point collection. Designed for people who don’t see the horizon as a boundary, but as a source of inspiration. A place to find yourself, a place to start again.


You. Our tone of voice is friendly, but at the same time, elegant. Our communications are addressed to one person, not to a group of people, because we believe each person is unique as is his/her style. No Rules. No rules, just suggestions. No intrusion, just pure inspiration. No moulds, just freedom of imagination. No fashion, just style.

Brand Coordinates

Urban Sailor

We speak to the Urban Sailor, who sees sailing as a state of mind, always at one with the sea. Who thirsts to explore and discover ever-new horizons. We speak to the one who is wild and free from rules, boundaries and preconceptions. Who is never a fashion victim, but has a unique and authentic style.